Human Rights in Context

Modern Slavery in Haiti with Dr Fiona de Hoog

July 24, 2020 Matt Sands Season 1 Episode 1
Human Rights in Context
Modern Slavery in Haiti with Dr Fiona de Hoog
Show Notes

Dr. Fiona de Hoog is a researcher in Sheffield Hallam University where she conducts research in human rights, gender and modern slavery. In 2017, she completed a PhD at the University of Hull’s Wilberforce Institute on the topic of child slavery in Haiti, establishing the links between the exploitation of children, gender-based violence and female complicity in child trafficking. This cutting-edge research took her to Haiti for 2 years, where she did a large-scale analysis of modern Haitian society, interviewing women involved in the trafficking and enslaving of children as well as mothers, fathers and other key individuals. By focusing on the perpetrators, which were for the most part women, she was able to uncover the root causes of child trafficking which are based in gender inequality and violence in a way that has not been done anywhere else in the world.

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Book recommendations:

  • Momsen, Janet. Gender and development. Routledge, 2019.
  • Holmes, Rebecca, and Nicola Jones. Gender and social protection in the developing world: beyond mothers and safety nets. Zed Books Ltd., 2013
  • Podur, Justin. Haiti's new dictatorship: The coup, the earthquake and the UN occupation. Pluto Press, 2012.
  • Smith, Jennie Marcelle. When the hands are many: Community organization and social change in rural Haiti. Cornell University Press, 2001.
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